Veera Electric Acrodite Lab has made quality assurance the main goal and focus of its work through a variety of tests and has always been a quality assurance.

In this regard, some experiments on a variety of samples include:

1) Durability Test:

 This test examines the power of disconnection and durability in normal work on plugs and switches. In this test, durability is applied to the normal operation of 40,000 switches for switches from 10 to 16 amps and 250 volts and 10,000 switches for plugs.

2) Anomalous heat and fire insulation resistance test:

 This test is carried out by the Glover machine at temperatures of 650, 750 and 850 ° C for various tests.

3) Heat resistance test:

This test was performed by a kiln oven apparatus and the samples were raised to 100 2 2 ° C without weight and to 125 2 2 ° C.

4) Insulation resistance and electrical endurance test:

 The insulation resistance test is measured by the Meiger apparatus one minute after the direct voltage is set at 500 volts and applied to various parts of the test for a minute of 50 s, with a frequency of 50 Hz for an electrical endurance test. Supplies with a rated voltage of up to 130 volts, 1250 volts and for appliances with a voltage above 130 volts, are 2000 volts.

5) Moisture Resistance Test: 

 This test was performed by SALT SPRAY at 70 2 2 ° C for 7 days to test for aging resistance with a humidity of 91 to 95% and a temperature of 20 to 30 ° C for 48 hours. Moisture resistance.

6) Electrical shock protection test:

This test is performed by the test finger. An electrical indicator with a voltage of at least 40 volts and a maximum of 50 volts is used to indicate the electrical contact. Move the test to the surface of the sample, and if the electrical contact is electric, the device will sound an alarm.

7) Mechanical endurance test:

 The test is performed by the impact tester, which tests 5 beats with different fall heights to different parts of the test.

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